Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh I just couldn’t help it! This is one of the funniest picutres I have ever seen…and there is a story behind it. I was working for an design and installation company where I was the only female prodution manager, which was challenging at times, but I never let these challenges push me down; in fact, they only made me stronger. Well, one of my challenges was a certain young man who felt that I had no business being in this particular industry as a production manager and went as far as to tell me where I belong. A gently pulled him into my office and had a brief, VERY brief discussion with him. Um, look at the picture again….

Later that day I left for lunch and returned to this picture taped to my monitor with a sticky note that read,”We didn’t think you were hungry after the large breakfast you ate this morning”. LOL!!! I still have that sticky and I still have the picture. I would have shared the original pic BUT my version has a, um, well…a not so nice exclamation stated before “Pete” ;-) The gentlman who decided to challenge me? We became very good friends!

Hope you enjoyed the story…and, Debi, ssssshhhhhh! Let’s just keep THIS incedent out there and the rest to us ;-) LOL!!!


Angie Kelly Designs said...

HAA! I love that pic! I have it saved on my computer at home. Too funny! Remind me never to cross you!! LOLOL
♥ ya!

Rocki said...

Riiiiiiiiiiight Laura.... oh there will be more. Yes, I know MANY storie (muahHA HA HA!)

sniff sniff... poor wittle Pete! :)

manamoon said...

OMG!!! You're priceless!! Poor Pete. Oh by the by... there's a little game going around bloggy world so WATCH OUT! (*snicker*)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

I will answer all three of you at once! Well, in the same 'comment'

Angie- Oh my gosh! I love it that you have seen this before!! The first time I had seen it was on my monitor...then people started emailing it around so, by the time I got the email it was still funny but not as funny as when I got it.

Debi- Uhhhhh, yeah. I'll just say it before you do- I might...jut might have an issue with stupid people and, uuuummmm...well....yep. Maybe I might have a sarcastic way of telling someone what an idiot they are but at least I don't come rigth out and say it. OK, maybe to M. Delsey I did but no one else. Oh, wait...yeah, and to R. Wagner and C. Vasquez. Oh, shit. I think I might have a problem!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sharon- you have my attention? Game?? What kind of game?? Can I tell people how I feel? LOL!!! The *snicker* has me frightened, sort of. And don't listen to Debi's mua haha. She lies. Remember....she made me sleep in a hole! Dang it! I can't lie!!! It wasn't a hole, it was a ditch!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! OOps...I mean, I love my sister! Gosh Debi, you're looking younger these days? What ARE you doing???

manamoon said...

Hey Laura, you've been "tagged". You'll need to visit my blog and pass it forward.

Rosebud Collection said...

That is funny..Sometimes, we have to prove our worth..people just don't get it..Good for you, for standing up
for yourself..Guess Pete met his match..ha, ha..

Hey Harriet said...

Hahaha! I love that! Brilliant picture! You rock!!!