Tuesday, September 30, 2008

(put the theme song to Rocky in your head...)

Ladies and Gentlemen....gather around...for I am about to introduce you to the GIVE AWAY of a lifetime!! Mana Moon Studios is approaching her 100th sale on Etsy and she is hosting a FABULOUS give away on her blog page. YYYAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH (the sound of 20,000 fans screaming in the stadium). The lucky winners will receive a Woven Wire Beaded Bracelet from her Treasures Shop (I own some of her jewelry and I will promise you this...YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED).

The rules are simple so go check them out at http://manamoon-studios.blogspot.com/. Sharon is so sweet that she will DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES TO WIN! How?? Weeeelllll....go to http://manamoon-studios.blogspot.com/!
For those who do not know Sharon, she is a fabulous woman, mother, wife, and friend. She sports a halo the size of Mother Earth and her heart cannot be measured for it grows larger every day! I am one of the fortunate people who know Sharon and proudly call her my friend. Once you meet her, she will forever be in your heart.
SO...what is the contest?? (*whispers: 100 Sales Give Away). Where do you go to participate?? (*whispers again: http://manamoon-studios.blogspot.com/). Great! See you there :-)


Rocki said...

Hey!! I know that theme song quite well! ;)

Yep, I'm going to blog about this tomorrow as I need to start my day, but wanted to pop over real quick - great post for Sharon!


Rosebud Collection said...

What a good friend you are..nice blog. She sure did good with her sales..Good for her..

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!! I'm sorry, I'm having trouble writing... this huge heart is getting in the way and darn that halo is heavy, aaaaahhhh! Oh sorry I just toppled over.

OMG Laura!! I'm literally crying from laughter!! Oh boy... only you could do that to me!!

Pssst... you haven't' checked out my blog today (wink-wink... nudge-nudge... oh h_ll, get your butt over there!) I'm going off to die of laughter now...

Hey Harriet said...

Cool! Thanks for the heads up re the fab sounding giveaway! I'll check it out shortly. You are a very sweet friend to your halo wearing, big hearted buddy Sharon :)