Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I love my little Mag-Anne and love being a new mommy to yet another fur baby...but I sure don't want to be a grandma to any fur little miss Magi-Anne underwent surgery on Monday. It was best for her health and my sanity ;-)

Daddy (Paul) dropped her off early Monday morning and picked her up early that same evening. I think I irritated Paul with all my texting from work..."Have they called yet?" "Have you heard about Magi-Anne yet?" "Any news?" HAHAHA! Talk about a worried mom! My last text to him was, "I'm really getting worried now..." and two minutes after I sent that I received an email with this picture: first expression was of next was tears rolling down my face of laughter! My poor baby was soooo high on medication that she had no idea what the H E-double L was going on!! Her poor eyes were more bugged out than they normaly are and she just sat there and stared into the back seat the entire time.

I am happy to report that the anesthesia has worn off and she is back to her old spunky self. She is not to be running around right now, yet she doesn't want to listen to me and, apparently, this little turd-nugget thinks she is invincible! Not only is she being her rambunctious self, she is back to chasing the big dogs!! I have to take the big girls our for potty breaks first THEN I can take Magi-Anne...otherwise she thinks it's play time.

Though she had to suffer some minor induced trauma, something very sweet came of it. Sierra and Gypsy could not stand to see their baby sister so "sick" and kept trying to mother her even while she was in my arms. THAT is love ;-)

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

Helloooo my dear friends :-) Oh my feels like forever AND a day that I have been on this blog! Great news (at least for me...mua hahahahaha) is that I'M BACK! Yep! Finished my last OT day on Wednesday AND I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE WORK THE ENTIRE SHIFT! *doin' the happy dance*

I have spent the last day and a half working on stuff around the house that I have been putting off and taking "Big Black" (my car...hahaha) to get serviced. Poor girl hasn't seen an oil change since January :-( We call her big black because she takes up as much room in the garage as my Jeep Commander did...and she's a car!! Hey...I'm not the only one that names my car. Nope. My husband has named his "The Lady" and our oldest son has named his newest car "Big Sexy". PPfft. PaaaaaaaLEEEEEEEEEZ!!! hahahahahaha!

So now that I have all my chores out of the way I get to play for the next two days. Well, almost. I do have an order to fill tomorrow for a local customer BUT I don't have to bake it while working a million hours at my other job. WooHoo!!! OH...and speaking of baking, I have made some changes in my shop as far as goodies I offer. I have take out all of my chocolate dipped items because it has just become too hot here in Arizona to ship them out. I would rather not have my customers receive something that know where I'm going with this! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Instead, I am adding new items like lemon curd muffins and nutty chocolate chip cookies. I will also be adding more U-bake items as well as some macadamia/white chocolate chip cookies AND The Commander's White Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies!! You heard me right...LuLu's darling husband shared HIS recipe with me and.....OMG these are to die for! Look for these beauties today as they will be posted in my shop shortly :-)
OH! Before I go...I do have to announce that Corbin has done it again! Just when I think my son cannot surprise me anymore..HE DOES! April 24th was the ROTC awards night and Corbin J. Crosby came out with the most decorations WHICH INCLUDED the Association of The United States Army award. This award is handed to one ROTC participant PER DISTRICT! Sadly, the auditorium sucked for lighting so the picture is crap BUT it shows him being pinned by a retired Colonel....'s time for me to go visit all of you WONDERFUL friends who have been ever so patient with me. I am truly grateful to have such fabulous people in my life. Thank you :-)
Love & hugs,