Monday, September 8, 2008


Awww yes…here are my diva Rottweiler girls, Gypsy (16 months) and Sierra (4 months shy of her 9th b-day). I am told Gypsy is dressed like a boy; however, that was not my intention. She has quite a bit of energy and I felt that this sweatshirt fits her energetic personality. We adopted Gypsy a few months back from a couple who split up and went their separate ways. The gentleman kept both dogs but, due to long work hours, he was unable to take care of both by himself. Since the other dog was older and required less attention, he decided to find a home for Gypsy. I was honored when he approached me and asked if I would take her- the rest is history! She loves her home here and her new family and especially her new big sister, Sierra!

Sierra is the princess of the house; only pink and purple shall touch her precious fur!! She even sits like a princess!! We bought her from a breeder when she was 6 weeks old. The mother had 10 pups- 9 were full of energy, bouncing around and playing hard with each other. Then there was pup number 10, the runt! She was sitting by herself in a corner in the yard staring at me…she looked so sweet. I clapped my hands and she came running to me and sat on my foot. That was it!! This was my dog!! Her shyness dissipated almost instantly when we brought her home. I knew then she was going to be my princess…and she still sits on my foot :-)

We are currently teaching Gypsy some of Sierra’s special tricks and commands such as: High five (yes, she really knows the difference between “high five” and “give me your paw”), names of the family, “bring it to me” (point at an item and she will bring it to you), and other fun things. She is a fast learner...she picked up on "biscuit" right away! LOL!!

So, these are my diva girls. Both are so very special and so darn loveable but, there is a warning that come along with these beauties…don’t EVER put your face in front of them if you don’t want to be kissed to death by Rotti tongue!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week-


Angie Kelly Designs said...
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Angie Kelly Designs said...

OMG. Just LOOOOOK at those sweet faces! The precious girls. Aw! Great pics!
Question: have you taught them to fetch a beer from the fridge? If so, I may be willing to pay top dollar for them to replace me at my house. My husband's legs seem to be broken. *SNORT*

OK, not really...I would never take them away from their mom. They're really beautiful Rotti's! Rotti's are so mizunderstood!!

Sorry about deleting my previous comment. Something was wonky... :)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Rotti's are SO misunderstood and that is thanks to the buttheads who raise them to fight...then they get out and attack anything is sight. So what does the media do?? The typical BS of "These are dangerous dogs, bla bla bla". Yep. They are so dangerous! That's why my Sierra has mothered our blind cat for the past 1 1/2 years! ROAR!!!

OK...calming down...reaching for coffe cup. LOL!!!

Debra said...

That is just too cute!!
Beautiful dogs....

Rocki said...

Guess I was REALLY stressed because I KNOW I left a message yesterday - ugh!

Okay, short version... I know about the Rotti kisses! Sierra is one of the biggest loveable dog ever - and so very smart too! Gypsy - yep, very active but oh so cute!

Oh yeah... so that's where the clothes are going from cleaning out your closet ;)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

HAHAHAH!!! You're not kidding, Debi!! Sierra is wearing my shirt...and she stretched it out! It belongs to her now. She no longer fits in her sweatshirt or "Princess" glitter shirt and I am having a hard time finding clothes in her size. LOL! This sounds funny!

manamoon said...

Oh what adorable girls you have!! I'm sure they love there mom very much and they look so darn happy!

Rosebud Collection said...

What cute dogs..They look like such good natured dogs...I haven't any pets now, but had many..and I do miss them..

Any Occasion Boutique said...

They are very good natured...and sensitive! Sadly, our Rhodesian Ridgeback passed away a few months back and my heart sank. I cried for days and every time I started to cry, Sierra would come to me and rest her head on my shoulder or leg. They have so much love in their hearts :-)

Hey Harriet said...

Oh they are super adorable dogs! A friend has a Rotti & she has the most beautiful nature. Very sweet personalities they have. It's a pity some ignorant people think otherwise. Some silly people think the same way about the breed of dog I have. I have a Staffy called Sophie. Soph doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body! I guess it all comes down to the upbringing. Some poor dogs end up with horrible abusive owners. That makes me sad & angry.