Monday, September 29, 2008


Yes, you read it correctly....a shrimp eating contest! For the past three years, my husband and our two boys hold an annual shrimp eating contest (the winner takes home bragging rights). And what do I take home? The memories of having to sit in a boot for 2 1/2 + hours at a time waiting for the animals to finish grazing on the poor little shellfish.

It sounds gross (because it is) and I'm thinking this must be a man thing?!? BUT I am the fool who attends every year keeping score and taking pictures. I do admit that this year was a little exciting because Ryan joined the contest (Ryan is my oldest son's best friend and a very dear family friend).

I will show pictures!!! No worries, I have only posted the "clean" pics so you don't loose your appetite!

- This first picture is of the three boys (from left to right): My youngest son Cody, my oldest son Corbin, and Ryan (we call him Gigantor. The boy stands 6'2". That's a giant next to me at 5'1")

- I cannot forget a picture of me!! My son snapped this one during a brief grazing break. I couldn't help but post it because I love the expression on my face. Whatever it is you are thinking of what I might be're probably right. Notice the hair pulled back...Debi can tell you that once the hair is pulled back I'm ready to GO! I cannot tell you how many games of Jeweled I played or how many cups of coffee I drank , but in the end, I'm the sucker who agreed to attend :-)

- They are all smiling here after mowing down a gazillion shrimp (love the bibs)...but when the camera was put in its case, the smiles quickly disappeared and out came the sparkling mineral water!!

- Finally, the big husband. YEP, he won. Not only did he win but he beat his score from last year; I would only know this because I am the lucky score keeper! Since he was the winner, I felt it would be nice for me to pose with him. Again, notice the look on my face... it is a look of exhaustion yet joy because NOW we can leave!!!!

A total of 610 shrimp were eaten tonight between Paul and the boys with Paul in first place eating 175 shrimp, Ryan in second with 172, Corbin in third with 138, and Cody took last with 125.

- I think the real winner was the restaurant! What you are about to see may be ugly so, if you have a weak stomach, look away.....OK, it's just the receipt but it sounded funny!! The waitress said that this is the longest receipt she has ever printed. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is all 18 inches of the receipt!

So, there it is. Grossness at its finest ;-) Did I have a good time? For the most part, yes. I know, I am contradicting myself a bit, but it was spending time with my family that I enjoyed. I look at these crazy pictures and I cannot help but laugh...and almost cry. Corbin and Ryan will move away to college next year and Cody is not far behind. As much as I find it gross, I can only hope that this contests continues for many years to come :-)

Here is to every moment.




Angie Kelly Designs said...

Great post DUDE! Your face in that pic is just priceless. LOLOL
I'm so glad you were able to spend some quality time with the fam; y'all look like you're enjoying yourselves!

I have a feeling that this tradition will be one that sticks around. Too much fun, eh? LOL

Have a wonderful day my friend :o) ♥

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Thanks Ang! Yes...we did enjoy ourselves but I continued to enjoy myself after since I didn't eat the entire restaurant! LOL!!

Hey Harriet said...

Ewwwww! Shrimp eating contest!?! My stomach is churning just thinking about it! Ok, I'm allergic to shrimp. Now a chocolate eating comp...or an icecream eating comp I'd be right into! I love the big cheesy grins on the boys faces! Priceless! And your facial expressions are even more priceless! I vaguely recall a Simpsons episode with Homer winning a food eating comp. I'm thinking it was shrimp...but who knows with Homer. My money would be on Homer winning any kind of food eating comp! Your guys would be tough competition for him though ;) Congrats to your hubby on his super shrimp win! And congrats to you for surviving the experience :D

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Well, think of it this way... at least you weren't spending your time posing little toys on road kill! LOL!!

LOVED that photo of you, yes it's the perfect expression!! Man you and Paul make the cutes couple and those boys are adorable (oops, I mean handsome). They grow so quick though don't they, ugh! :)

Rosebud Collection said...

I think I would have enjoyed eating that shrimp..well, maybe not as many..What great pictures..and it is so true, enjoy life together..the true meaning of a few shrimp..

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Harriet- since you do not like shrimp, I will tell you about the taco eating contest. Yes...tacos. A few years ago my oldest son had to get braces (don't remind me of the expense!!) and he wanted tacos for his last crunch meal before getting them but he wanted to have a contest with Paul. Well, they each ate 16 HOMEMADE tacos!

Oh, Sharon...did you know I was the action figure on the right? EEWWWW! Thanks for the sweet compliment (*getting rosey cheeks*). The boys are growing up so darn fast. I look at their baby pictures and wonder where time went!

Thank you, Rosebud. Whenever you are over this way, stop on by and we'll have a shrimp feast!

Rocki said...

LOL! I know that look Laura! Great post and pictures - I love my family!

Any Occasion Boutique said...


Anonymous said...

In my longing to be nearer to my dear absent friend, I've taken up perusing her old postings... nah, it's not that bad. :D

NICE necklace Laura and look at those matching earrings, WOW!!! *snicker*