Thursday, December 11, 2008

Highs and lows...

When I found this picture I knew that it was going to end up on one of my postings....and here it is! I love it!!! Though I am hoping my back side doesn't end up like this from all the taste testing...I mean, baking! Yep. BAKING! heeheehee. What kind of baker would I be if I didn't sample first??

I am proud to announce that I gained the business of the customer with multi orders in the midwest. Yeah! I started the first part yesterday and it went well. Besides the cookies, I am also making gift cards to go with the gift. This has turned out to be a fabulous adventure and I am really enjoying it :-)

I can go on about my baking experience but there is something deeper I would much rather share. Last night, I logged onto the blogs for a quick peak before heading off to bed...that is when I read my dear friend Angie's blog. Her husband's step mother passed away from a long battle with cancer yesterday morning. In reading her blog, she has had cancer three times!

It angers me that we can spend millions, even billions of dollars in research to create crap that eat away at the earth's protective ozone layer, or how about creating HFCS? Really? Scientist create a synthetic sugar to add to almost EVERYTHING we eat because it is sweeter and manufacturors don't have to use so much thus saving a dollar. Here's an idea.....SAVE A LIFE INSTEAD! The percentage of cancer patients is off the charts and I am convinced that the air we breathe, the tainted waters we drink, and the packaged foods we eat are the cause of the majority of cancers.

Dan and Angie- from my family to you and yours, we send our deepest condolences and hearts filled with love for you. Here is an angel of peace to watch over her and love her.


manamoon said...

I understand your feelings Laura and share in your anger. Too many lives are lost and for what? A sweeter diet drink??

The good news is that research has come along way just in the past few years. They now have a vaccination for Cervical Cancer with many more vaccines on the way for other cancers. Does it help in the loss of dear ones that have already passed? No, but it does give us peace of mind for our children and future generations.

Blessing and peace to Angie and Dan for there loss and thank you so much for your beautiful posting.

Oh, and a big congrats on that job - whoot!

Josh said...

That is so touching! It's a sad thing that many of our products take innocent lives but gain money for the big guys. Diet Soda, Blue-Tooth, and all those toxic chemicals in everything! It's... horrifying and revolting!

blackfeatherfarm said...

Misplaced priorities is the problem. I have lost a sister to cancer so I do understand their loss. I wish them well. On a lighter note the pic on this post was good for a laugh ! Happy Holidays !!!

D said...

What more can I say than what Sharon already said. I agree with your posting entirely, we really are trading our souls for money and convenience. And yet we wonder why everyone is so sick. We really need to reset our priorities.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Oh Laura! >sniff< Thank you so much for the lovely wishes. I've read everything to Dan and he teared up and so did I! I so much appreciate the support of all my online friends.

And I completely agree with the billions spent on...well, CRAP. Whatever happened to eating au naturale? Srsly? Ever heard of fruit and veggies? I agree 100% about all of that causing so many diseases. Its just tragic and I think the main step we need to take is educating people about what actually goes into the food we consume. BAH. I'm getting carried away. I'm stopping. :o)

Much love!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Thanks everyone! I get a little pissy sometimes when I read about another life lost to cancer. One of these days WE will win. Like you said, Sharon, there is a vaccination coming for cervical cancer. Who knows, maybe one day that is all we will end up needing. It's a hope :-)

Hey Harriet said...

Well said Laura & I totally agree with you! It does seem that far more money is spent on killing people rather than saving people. The world is very screwed up. On so many levels.

That pic at the beginning of your post is too funny!

Rosebud Collection said...

I am so sorry to read this..don't know what I did that I missed it..
Sending blessing to all at this time.
Damn cancer..but I won't get started on this..