Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's All About YOU...and YOU...and YOU!!

It's getting a little late here in dreadfully hot Hell (most people call it Sunny Arizona) and I have a studio to put back together...but before I do, I want to give a shout out to Sharon, Mana Moon Studios & Mana Moon Treasures; this weekend Sharon will be part of a huge art festival!

I also want to give a shout out to my seeeester Debi ;-) Every time I turn around, this woman has yet ANOTHER sale! HIP HIP HOOOOOORAAAAY! And why does she have sale after sale? Oh, probably because she makes AWESOME jewelry and supplies (doin' the happy dance) at her shops Rocki's Rock 'n Beads and Rocki's Supplies.

And one more shout out for the evening; this one goes to a very special person who holds the key to my heart...that would be the one and only- Laura's husband! OK, we'll call him 'Paul' to protect the innocent (which he SO is not!). Yup, hubby is now an Etsian! WOOO HOOOO! His shop is Enterprise Solutions and he will be selling his custom invoice and inventory software. I asked him to write a program for my Etsy shop (which he did because he didn't want me to pull out the broom!!) and I loved it so much that I told him he should sell it. It took me some time to convince him but once I received the reply from Etsy that they do consider this a handmade product, he took the leap. Look for his shop to open this Saturday, August 23rd! we go- YAY Sharon! You will do great this weekend!! YAY Debi! You freakin' rock!! YAY Paul (a.k.a. Laura's Husband)! I want half ;-)

Tons of hugs,


Angie Kelly Designs said...

Laura!!! ♥ How awesome is that about your hubby!! Wow. Very cool! I was actually on the 'puter last night for a while trying to come up with my own packing slip. Lots of folks use the Paypal one; its what I've been using--but I'm always looking for ways to personalize my packaging and I thought...Hey, I can make my own!---hellz yeah!
So, I did it, and shipped out a pkg this morning with it inside. Its not fancy, but it serves the purpose. Anyhoodle, I can't wait to check out what he has to offer! Whoo hoo! Have a great weekend you!! *HUGS*

Rocki said...

Yeah for Paul! Yeah for carpet being cleaned! Boo for having to put it all back together today!

We'll miss you at the lake, but there will be other times. Just don't over do it!

Thanks for the 'shout out' - you rock!

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you just the most amazing friend in the world/awesome card artist!! Thanks so much for the plug !! Yep, I'm off to the York Arts Festival this weekend and am I freaking out?! YOU BET!! But never too busy to wish you a fabulous weekend!!!

Congrats to your hubby a.k.a. Paul - his program sounds intriguing (especially after spending an entire day working on my homemade Excel inventory sheet doing taxes, ugh!)

And who could give alms to Rocki's shops!! They're awesome and her 3 tumbler days proves the popularity and expertise of her work!

But hey... there's a shop missing from this fabulous list! Your fabulous card shop with those GORGEOUS creations. Your latest inventory is wonderful and those holiday cards in smaller quantities are perfect!!

So, thanks again dear friend and have a WONDERFUL weekend!!