Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lady J Design Creations

Hello my dear friends and bubbly sheeshter!! I HAVE to share with you a brand new shop on Etsy:

In this shop you will find beautiful bead work and gourds. YES....GOURDS!!! I just happened to get glimpse of a flower made of beads at a local pharmacy and the cashier told me that it was not for sale but she knew who made it. She then told me that the one I was looking at was beat up. Beat up??? If THAT was beat up, I HAD to see one that wasn't because this "beat up" flower looked great.

I got to meet Jackie, the Ms. Lady J, and learned so much more about her creations. Jackie has won a medal for her work and, not to mention, was featured in two National magazines AND nominated into the 2009 Biltmore Who's who of 2009 book for personal achievements! WOW!!

Please swing by her shop and check out the beautiful work she has posted so far. You will be amazed!!!

As for my lemon sandwich cookies....uuuhhh....I'm editing my already edited recipe and trying again next week ;-)


Rosebud Collection said...

happy to hear from you, as always.
Missed you. Sounds like a nice shop..something really different.
Take care and know you are missed..xoxRosebud

Coastal Sisters said...

I will have to check her out!

Thanks so much for telling her about my banners :)

Love you much!