Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Much To Talk About

Where to begin?? Oh. I latest award :-D

I am honored to accept the Lemonade Award from the fabulous Sharon of Mana Moon Studios! This is an insightful award for it brings encouragement to those who may be in a difficult situation...what do we do when life throws us lemons??? We make LEMONADE!

This award could not have come at a better time. Just today I received an unwanted phone call from my vet. My beautiful Sierra (also known as Big Mama) has a very dangerous level of is so high that she risks going into seizures. We knew that her time with us was getting close to the end but I did not expect to hear what the vet had to say today. Sierra's chance of surviving 2009 is very slim. BUT this is where I take those damn lemons and make sweet lemonade. Sierra has been in our lives since she was 6 weeks old...she has grown up with our children and has been our daughter, sister, protector and very best friend. No one and nothing lives forever...we are so blessed to have this lovely lady in our lives and we are thankful that we still have time with her. So please do not be sad for my Big Mama. Please be happy for the life she has lived and the love she continues to give every single second.

Now the rules- I am to post it on my blog and then pass it on to others. Since all those who I would pass it to have already been awarded with it, I will pass on passing it ;-)

In other news, I am going back to work! Though I am very thankful for the success I am having with my newest shop, I still require a steady income. So, I am going back to work for Rural Metro Corporation which is Rural Metro Fire Department and Southwest Ambulance. I am excited to be going back and even more excited that I will be working 3 days a week so I have plenty of time to work on my shops!!

Finally...FOOD! I have attempted to duplicate the Oreo! Yes...Oreo. You know that yummy, delicious, cream filled cookie sandwich that I love so much, especially crumbled on ice cream or dipped in milk. It's the cookie that, if I had them in the house, they would last only a minute? I know? The Oreo? HAH! Anyhoo...I almost did it!!! I have posted the copy-cat in my bake shop and, though they do not taste 100% like the Oreo, they taste pretty darn good ;-)
So...that's about it! Thanks for stopping by :-D


Coastal Sisters said...

Ohhhhhhh these look yummy!!

I had fun chatting with you in the "squawk box" today!


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh, Laura -- I'm so sorry to hear about your Big Mama... have you seen the pic of my rottie, Angel, on my blog? Just love those rotten-weilers, sweet as can be, loyal and so loving. You have given her a wonderful life, no doubt, just keep that in mind and enjoy every minute you have together.

Catherine said...

Oh Laura, I'm so sorry about Big Mama! She looks so happy in the photo! You've given her a wonderful fulfilled life! I've got a lump in my throat!!!!

My sons love those biscuits (sorry, I can't remember how you spell them!). I bet they'll be a real hit!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

I owe you an email, so I'll wait to comment...I love ya to ya later :) ♥

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on the award and the new job. That works out well that you can still have time enough to bake. Bake awesome oreo-like bikkies! They look good!

Sierra is a beautiful dog. I love rottis! I was so sad to hear the news, but I'm trying not to be sad & be happy for the wonderful life she has lived & the good times she will continue to have. And continue to give you & your family. Big hugs to Sierra! And to you of course :) xo

Anonymous said...

A very appropriate award for a wonderful lady! Congrats on the job I know you'll do great! ;-) Blessings for Sierra she's had the best family and life any furry babe could have.♥

Dashing off to check your shop for those delicious delights now....

artangel said...

Laura I'm very sorry to hear about Sierra, but it's lovely to hear that you'll be able to focus on all yourlovely memories of her being part of your family for all those years.

Good luck on your first day back at work! I work 3 days too and it's the best of both worlds in many ways (though if I won the lottery I still wouldn't say no to full-time painting lol!)

And as for those "Laur-eos"! Am trying to avoid my son seeing the picture - he'll want to come over just to eat some! He's another one who if we have Oreos in the house, can't rest until they're all eaten!

Josh said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Sierra. But at least she lived a wonderful and happy life! She was lucky to have a generous family who loved her very much.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

I just had to dash over here because I do believe Angie our resident art angel just came up with a FABULOUS name for your cookies...
"Laur-eos"! I LOVE IT!!!♥

Sweets 'N Greets said...

Hello everyone!!
Thank you all so much for your blessings for Sierra. If she could speak English..she would thank you all herself :-)

I am excited to start work tomorrow. Though it is orientation, it's still work ;-)

And, Angie...I LOVE the name for my cookies. Hhmm...maybe I just might have to change the name ;-)

Rocki said...

You know how I feel about Sierra, so I won't go into that - big hugs to our girl!

Congrats on the award!

Yippee on the new job... you know the drill ;)

MMMMM.... cooooookies!

Gotta run - great post Laura!

Anonymous said...

♫Lauuuura, oh Lauuuura... where is the Lauuuuura!?♫