Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello! I's been a while :-( I really have been terribly busy with work, personal life and BIRTHDAY PARTIES!! Though I would love to be on the blog EVERY DAY, I just cannot do it right now. I am hoping September will be much more calm.

Recently, I have added a couple of new posts to my shop: 2 dozen Chew Chocolate Chip Cookies and 1 dozen My Big Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies. I am also hoping to post more of my U-Bake line. So far I only have my chocolate chip cookies posted but I'm aiming to post my Snicker doodle and Fudge Brownie mixes before the weekend.

I hope all is well :-)
Tons of hugs and love,


Coastal Sisters said...

I am SO glad to see you posting! My mouth is watering right now...I see an order in my future!

Lisa can't wait to get your cookies!


Sweets 'N Greets said...

Her yummies were sent Wednesday so she should be getting them later than tomorrow :-)

Catherine said...

It's lovely to hear from you again Laura! It's so hard to keep up with everything isn't it!

You've made me feel really hungry!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Two of my favorite yummies from your shop!! So happy to see you posting again - missed you!!

Oh and the only reason the UBake isn't a fav is I'd rather taste your delicious cooking any day!!

Rosebud Collection said...

It is very hard to blog, especially when you are very busy.
What the heck is my problem? Oh, well, I did have 20 viruses and the computer quit on me..did I hear you laugh? I kept clicking till I could click no more..God Bless my son-in-law..he fixed everything.
Your cookies look happy you are doing good in your business..Much love/Rosebud/Carolyn

Rosebud Collection said...

Okay, this is long enough. I know I have been terrible at blogging and visiting..but where the heck are you? Miss your great sense of I have to visit your sisters blog..miss you both..

Rosebud Collection said...

Don't you think you took enough time off? Always checking you..
Miss you..xoxoRosebud

Rosebud Collection said...

Bet you thought I would forget you..Wrong..Just checking to see if you are back..Take care my friend..xoxoRosebud