Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Oh my do I feel like a turd!! The last time I posted anything was on 2/6...and that is probably the last time I visited the blogs!!!! Shame on me <:-(
Well, I am back now and ready to cause some trouble...uuuhh...I mean, ready to play nice ;-) It really has been so crazy between going back to work and filling Valentine's orders...not to mention that the hubby was away on business during this time and ump-teen-million things went wrong while he was gone. Whew!!
Now that the "lovers" holiday is over, and I am on my regular shift now, I am free to play in the blogs 4 days out of the week :-) I would love to visit every day, as I have in the past, however my shifts are 12 hours each and my drive time is 1 hour each way so I do not have a lot of time to play during my "work week". I won't complain about the hours since I love my job AND I only work three days a awesome is that? Oooooh but I do miss chatting every day :-( But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder ;-) Are you fond of me yet? AHAHAHA!!
Well, that's about it. I've just been working, baking and making cards ;-) I wish you all well and I PROMISE to keep up on my blog!

Love you all,


Rocki said...

I see you! ;) I hear you loud and clear about time - and I work from my home studio! No worries as we know you're around - we can smell you from here. Your KITchen that is - cookies, brownies, bread, candy... yum yum yum!

artangel said...

Hi Laura
I completely know where you're coming from - there are never enough hours in the day! No need to feel bad - just post a photo of a cute kitten like that and people will forgive you anything!!
Glad to hear you're enjoying your job though, and getting some time to bake too!
Angie x

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh I'm always fond of your sweetie!♥ Missed you too, but I've been so busy myself I doubt I would have noticed the absence.

So glad you're getting things down now, it always takes a while in the beginning with a new job.

Catherine said...

Hi Laura!! Did you say 12 hour shifts!?! I thought you'd said that before but just dismissed it because I didn't think it could be that long. You must be exhausted after all that!! No wonder you don't have much time now with all your other business enterprises and family etc, etc....

Josh said...

That's okay Laura! I haven't been on blogs in forever! And don't worry, we're all fond of you! :)

Hey Harriet said...

Gosh you are busy! It is hard to find time to catch up with everyone when you work such long hours as well as just having to deal with the everyday life stuff too! Hope all is going good for you. 12 hour shifts don't sound fun! Yikes! Take care my friend :)

Rosebud Collection said...

Don't feel had many things to do..Now, as for myself..I have been lousy blogging..yes, lousy..I tell you, this winter is too long and sinking me. The last storm, took the internet with it..just got that back..thank God it didn't take our electric..which many people are still without.